Acceptance for self-diagnosed autistics too

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This month, as you might know, is Autism Acceptance Month and for many, it can be a difficult time. There’s so much talk about how autistic people should be embraced and accepted for who they are but what about those self-diagnosed autistics who can’t access a formal diagnosis? Although loads of amazing autistic content creators … Read more

Misdiagnosis and self-doubt

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For many, misdiagnosis and self-doubt go arm-in-arm together. They did for me and I bet they do for you too. Growing up, self-doubt was a casual friend on my shoulder, whispering sour nothings like ‘Are you sure you want to do that? Failing is so embarrassing’ and ‘Do you really think that’s good?’. It’s meant … Read more

5 useful questions to ask if you suspect mental health misdiagnosis

ID 5 useful questions to ask if you suspect mental health misdiagnosis - Just A Square Peg blog

5 useful questions to ask if you suspect mental health misdiagnosis* It was my autistic counsellor who first thought I’d been misdiagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and suggested that I was autistic with ADHD. After seven years of seeing me, she got to know me better than I knew myself. That’s why I trusted … Read more

How mental health misdiagnosis affects me

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Mental health misdiagnosis affects me in a big way. Firstly, I have to apologise for going AWOL these past few months. There’s been a lot going on, in my headspace and otherwise. Which is why I wanted to write this post about how mental health misdiagnosis affects me. The most frustrating thing? Medical professionals I’ve … Read more