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AD – 5 ways goal setting can help your mental health

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Just A Square Peg - 5 ways goal setting can help your mental healthFor those of you who are extremely organised, know exactly what you’re doing each day and have ultimate goals set, I salute you. I’m trying very hard to be one of those people! That’s why, in this blog post, I’m looking at why goal setting is good for your mental health and why you should enter a competition/giveaway from Målpaper.


So, here are 5 ways goal setting can help your mental health:

1.Gives you a clear direction

If you know which direction you’re heading in or what you want to achieve, this can be a positive step. Sometimes, I get quite bad anxiety because I don’t know what I want to achieve or how I’m going to get there. For example, I’ve wanted to write a book for ages but have never quite started that journey. It’s because I’m lacking a sense of direction. If I sat down, thought it through and planned in baby steps, I think it would feel less daunting and more exciting.

2.Helps to motivate you

Knowing what your goals are and what you want to achieve can be really motivating. For example, at the start of this year, I finally set up this blog which I was talking about for a year and even owned the domain for a year without doing anything with it! Since the pandemic, I’ve had more time to sit, think about what I wanted the blog to be and work towards that. Making a little plan has definitely helped to motivate me, although I do need to re-visit it again.

3.Can help to reduce anxiety

This is an interesting one. Goal setting can both help to reduce anxiety but can sometimes cause anxiety too if you make the goals too unachievable. In the past, I’ve set myself unattainable goals and then, when I don’t reach them, I feel deflated and my self confidence takes a dive. However, when I’ve then sat down and thought about them in more detail, my anxiety tends to calm itself and I feel more positive. Writing everything down really helps when I’m feeling anxious about my goals and getting it all down on paper definitely makes space in my brain.

4.Can help with personal growth

Seeing the positive results of your goal setting is such a great feeling. It makes you feel more confident and shows that your determination and hard work can pay off. It can help to boost self esteem and show you that the sky’s the limit and anything is possible for you. This is something that I find helps if I have to set any goals for work. Being able to see how your work has impacted a certain project or event is such a boost.

5.Can help you sleep better

When I don’t set myself goals or targets, I’m awake all night worrying about them and worrying about whether I’ll be able to finish that project or whether that blog post is going in the right direction. However, when I brainstorm my posts and what I want to achieve, I feel more calm and therefore I get better sleep. Again, writing everything down is really cathartic but also incredibly helpful.

(AD and link to competition) Målpaper – Who they are and what they’re giving away 

The reason I’m talking about goal setting and why it’s good is because a company called Målpaper, who create simplistic and effective stationery to help users be more productive and focus our busy minds on the tasks at hand. Their ‘Daily Goal Setter Planner‘ is beautifully bound in leather and has space for daily affirmations, what you’re grateful for and a to-do list to help get your mind onto paper.

They’ll be giving away a £50 Gift Voucher at the end of each month (November and December) to one lucky winner. Entry is quick and easy via their website (HERE) and all you need to do to enter is signup to their newsletter and tell them your number one goal (e.g. improve fitness, buy new home, meditate more). I’ve already entered because I have a bit of a love for stationery!

To enter, please visit the Målpaper competition page here.

2 thoughts on “AD – 5 ways goal setting can help your mental health

  1. I completely agree that goal setting is good for your mental health! I’ve recently been focusing on my fitness and definitely find setting smaller, more achievable goals makes it a lot less daunting! Great post and I’m going to go and head over to the competition now, thanks!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia xx

  2. It is! I need to get better at it 😂 love that you’ve been really focussed. Did you find smaller goals were better for you? Thank you so much for your comment ❤️

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