Hey Square Pegs!

Beth Rees - Mind Cymru Stand for MeWelcome to my little corner of the internet. This is a mental health blog that specifically talks about borderline personality disorder (BPD) and self care. 

My name is Beth and I’m a square peg. What do I mean by that? Well, if you’ve never heard the expression ‘A square peg in a round hole’, it means ‘the unusual individualist who could not fit into a niche of their society.’ Put simply, someone who just doesn’t fit in. If you’ve ever had that feeling, then like me, you’re in the right place.

I’m hoping, from posting about personal experiences, I can give a little insight and support to people struggling with their mental health or living with BPD. 

About this Square Peg

I’m a 30-something mental health campaigner from Wales, working as a charity communicator by day and blogger by evening.

As I mentioned, I have Borderline Personality Disorder and have struggled with depression/anxiety all of my life. Like 1 in 100 other people, I struggle with intense emotions, a lack of identity and impulsive behaviours, but am now finding ways to manage these symptoms. Since being diagnosed in 2017, I’ve felt able to share my story in the hope of helping other people with theirs.

I love to write so have done some blogging for Time to Change Wales, Mind, BBC, House21, The Independent and The Huffington Post, and am also a Time to Change Champion and Mind Media Volunteer. I’m currently one of the faces for the Mind Cymru campaign, Stand For Me, which is calling on current and future members of The Senedd (Welsh Government) to stand for mental health, providing funding and changing policies for the better. Find out more here. 

Share your story

Stories are so important. They can give reassurance to others going through the same experience, they can help the writer express how they’re feeling and ultimately, they help raise awareness of issues such as mental illness, loneliness and the feeling of not fitting in.

I’m inspired by stories I see and hear every day. There are so many untold stories out there that should be shared, to give hope, to give comfort and to inspire. They’re important in telling people like you and I that our differences are actually pretty awesome.

After all, not fitting in isn’t always a bad thing.

I’d love to hear and share your stories on my website. To find out more, DM me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook