Connecting to the confusion

Connecting to the confusion around late diagnosis of autism as a woman

A counsellor once told me that ‘connecting to the confusion’ could really help me understand how I was feeling. I thought ‘connecting to myself’ was a bit of wanky advice when she first said it, but, as time’s gone on, I’ve realised she’s probably right. Now I’ve always been really into spirituality, tarot/oracle cards, astrology … Read more

Shop for good this Christmas

Just A Square Peg - Shop for good for Christmas

Buy from one of these suggested brands this Christmas and support worthwhile mental health and other charities too. Take a look at these empowering slogans and feel uplifted! This year has definitely not gone as planned. Understatement much? However, Christmas is just around the corner and I for one am looking forward to spending time … Read more

10 self-care strategies for lockdown

Just A Square Peg - 10 self-care strategies for lockdown

To say this pandemic is pretty stressful is an understatement. Whether you’re working from home, home schooling or just trying to get by, here are 10 self-care strategies for lockdown. You might have seen the phrase ‘self-care’ being keenly thrown around but in essence, what it means is, making a conscious effort to look after … Read more

Why it’s important to talk about mental health

For the next two weeks, I’ll be taking part in the Time To Change ‘Storycamp’. This is where the charity sends you prompts and you write a blog, do a vlog or talk about it on social media. As a Time to Change Wales Champion, I thought I’d give it a go. So, the first … Read more

Dancing my way through lockdown

Despite not having the best co-ordination or timing, I’ve always found dancing a great way to lift my moods. That’s why I’ve been dancing my way through lockdown in order to make sure I’m still giving myself an outlet for my very low or very high moods. I’ve always struggled with low self esteem, for … Read more