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My top 5 self care blog posts you need to read

I don’t know about you, but I love finding new blogs/blog posts to read. There’s so much amazing content being created online and sometimes, it’s a little overwhelming. However, this week I’ve put together a list of five great posts about self care that you should have a read of. After all, self care is so important and vital to looking after our mental wellbeing. So, let’s take a look at my top five!

1. Social media detox: Deleting all social media’ – Mind Over Meds

This great post from Mind Over Meds talks about the why it’s important to step away from social media sometimes to protect your mind. She says that her feelings of depression stemmed from social media and that are needed a break. If you’re thinking of doing it, check out the blog post HERE.

2. ‘Five ways pets can boost your mental health’ – Faded Spring

I loved this post by Faded Spring as I’m someone who has a little pup and totally agree that she really does help me mentally. I actually wrote a post about dogs and self care earlier this year and it’s interesting to see another perspective. I didn’t know pets could bring out creativity and are proven to help lower stress levels. If you’re an animal lover and want to read more, check out the blog post HERE.

3. ‘How to practice self care’ – Uplifting and inspiring content

Like I said, self care is so vital and something a lot of us find tricky to do. This post from Uplifting And Inspiring Content details in what ways you can practice mental, physical and professional care. I never realised, from reading this, how much I don’t look after myself enough. Such a great piece! Read the blog post HERE.

4. ‘10 minute mindfulness meditations for the busy times’ – Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle

Mindfulness is always something I struggle with. I struggle finding time to do it. These mediation suggestions from Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle are really good. They’re easily accessible and there’s something for everyone. I’ll definitely be giving them a go! To see the full list, read the blog post HERE.

5. ‘Signs you should get back into yoga’ – Love Em Blog

I must admit, I used to do yoga and when I did, it really helped my body and mind. Love Em Blog suggests yoga if you’re not sleeping well, that you’re stiff all the time and you need to relax. It’s so interesting reading how yoga has helped her too. Take a look and read the blog post HERE.

Like I said, I love finding new reads so thank you to these bloggers for sharing their self care tips. I’ll definitely be adopting some of these!

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