What is autism self diagnosis?

What is autism self diagnosis?

What is autism self diagnosis? Now if you guys follow me on Instagram, you will have seen me talking about autism self diagnosis. This has probably begged the question in your mind as to what autism self diagnosis is. So, through this blog post, I’ll aim to explain as best I can what it is … Read more

My journey to an autism diagnosis – part 1

Journey to an autism diagnosis part 1 - Just A Square Peg blog

Many women have asked about my journey to an diagnosis and why I’m self diagnosing for now. This is part one of the story. In this post, I’ll write about: Observing the rules (and how others don’t) Doctor Google and the search for answers ‘I think I’m autistic doc’ (about how I approached the question … Read more

Connecting to the confusion

Connecting to the confusion around late diagnosis of autism as a woman

A counsellor once told me that ‘connecting to the confusion’ could really help me understand how I was feeling. I thought ‘connecting to myself’ was a bit of wanky advice when she first said it, but, as time’s gone on, I’ve realised she’s probably right. Now I’ve always been really into spirituality, tarot/oracle cards, astrology … Read more

Why many autistic women self diagnose

Why autistic women self diagnose - Just A Square Peg blog

I’ve been doing a bit of research recently about why many autistic women self diagnose. Now, you might be wondering HOW someone can reliably diagnose themselves with a condition. I thought the exact same when I was told this by my counsellor. But, having spoken to doctors, the local autism service and many autistic advocates, … Read more