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Review: The Keeper of Lost Things

The Keeper of Lost Things (photo courtesy of Amazon UK)

I can always count on my mum to lend me a good book. As a massive bookworm, her favourite genre is crime, but when she recommends something a bit different, I’m always curious.

I was first drawn to ‘The Keeper of Lost Things’ by Ruth Hogan by its beautiful book cover, bright and sunny promising a cheerful and uplifting story. And I wasn’t disappointed.

The ‘Keeper’ in the story is an elderly widow called Anthony whose wife died on their wedding day 40 years previous. He is heartbroken at losing a special medallion that his wife had given him. This sadness leads Anthony to collect an array of lost items in the hope of one day reuniting them with their owners. Each item has a heart-warming story to go alongside it, creating beautiful images in the mind. To help around the house, Anthony hires a housekeeper called Laura. Laura is a divorced introvert who finds comfort in the ‘Keeper’ and his home. However, when Anthony passes away, he leaves Laura his home and tasks her with returning the precious collected items to their rightful owners. Being given this new purpose, Laura makes new friends (Sunshine who has down syndrome and will make your heart smile and Carrot the dog) and finds love along the way.

With times being difficult for everyone at the moment, this book is a great form of escapism and will definitely make you smile from ear to ear. The stories within the story were so touching and at times, funny, that I had real admiration for the author behind the novel. It was so easy to get lost in this novel with the detailed descriptions and poetic language. I think the word I would use for this book would be: Charming.

And no one could ever refuse a bit of charm from their lives. Highly recommended!